Cryotherapy: As Seen on The Today Show

Hoda Kotb and boyfriend, Joel, aren’t the only Today Show celebs who frequent cryotherapy machines – both Al Roker and Craig Melvin are fans of the therapy, too. Hear what they had to say about it:

According to a 2016 study conducted by Impact Cryotherapy, the leading US-manufacturer of whole body cryotherapy systems, the top reasons people are flocking to cryotherapy machines to get their cryo on are:

  1. Pre/post-workout recovery
  2. Pain management
  3. Mental well-being
  4. Weight management
  5. No wonder celebs love the 3-minute chill that cryotherapy provides!

Curious to see how whole body cryotherapy can benefit you?

Atlanta Legends to Partner with Cryoshift Cryotherapy

Atlanta Legends to Partner with Cryoshift Cryotherapy to Provide Players with Elite Recovery Services

ATLANTA, Ga – March 18, 2019 – Cryoshift Cryotherapy – Alpharetta, the flagship Cryoshift Cryotherapy Wellness Center, announced a partnership with the Atlanta Legends, an Alliance of American Football organization.

This partnership will benefit Atlanta Legends players, providing them with exclusive access to the Wellness Center’s state-of-the-art recovery and wellness services including whole body cryotherapy sessions in an Impact Cryotherapy Cryo Chamber.

“We are honored to play such a vital role in the Legend’s inaugural season,” commented Richard Otto, CEO and Co-founder of Cryoshift Cryotherapy Franchising. “Our unique blend of wellness and recovery offerings will allow these elite athletes to properly and efficiently rejuvenate their muscles.”

“The Atlanta Legends and Head Athletic Trainer Rachel Sharpe seek out the best in class treatment and recovery services for our team,” said David Livingston, President of the Atlanta Legends. “Cryoshift’s modern approach to wellness and top performing technology made them a great choice for partnership with the team.”

About Cryoshift Cryotherapy

Cryoshift Cryotherapy – Alpharetta is the flagship location of Cryoshift Cryotherapy Franchising. Centered around whole-body cryotherapy, each Cryoshift Cryotherapy Wellness Center offers an enhanced wellness and recovery experience in a relaxing setting. We use proven technologies to compliment a healthy lifestyle and improve your total well-being. No matter your wellness goal, Cryoshift Cryotherapy can help you feel your best, faster.

About the Atlanta Legends

A member of The Alliance of American Football, The Atlanta Legends are led by an experienced professional front office, coaching and playing staff featuring general manager Billy Devaney, head coach Kevin Coyle and team president David Livingston. The Legends compete in The Alliance of American Football with The Birmingham Iron, Memphis Express, Orlando Apollos, Arizona Hotshots, Salt Lake Stallions, San Antonio Commanders and San Diego Fleet.

The name Atlanta Legends is inspired by the larger-than-life greatness of the people who have helped create the rich sports identity and hallowed history of the city. Atlanta’s deep connection to pioneering legends throughout its influential history will be symbolized with a regal crown logo with the colors of purple, gold and white.

Cryotherapy for Pain Relief: Hoda Kotb’s Boyfriend Gives it a Try

Got pain? Cryo may be the remedy you need – just ask Hoda Kotb’s boyfriend, Joel Schiffman.

THE TODAY SHOW’s Hoda Kotb shared on KATHIE LEE AND HODA that Joel gave cryotherapy a try after a recreational hockey game. She noted that after his 3-minute chill session he walked out of the chamber and exclaimed, “oh my God.” “He slept so hard on Saturday night as a result of cryo and his back, which usually aches after a game, felt completely fine,” she added.


Will Hoda be joining him for his next cold therapy session? Only time will tell!

The History of Cryotherapy

Surprisingly enough, cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is not a modern invention – in fact, the practice has been around for decades. Did you know that ancient papyrus scrolls have been found documenting the application of ice on a number of patients? Cool, right? 

So what else is there to know about the history of cold therapy as a wellness offering? Scroll through our infographic below, or jump down to read the timeline with all the historical details.

2500 B.C.: Egyptians walked like Egyptians — and also used cold temperatures to treat diseases and other ailments.

400 B.C.: Hippocrates, also known as the father of medicine, was an ancient Greek physician documented the benefits of cold exposure when applied to swelling, pain, and bleeding.

Napoleonic era: Ice was widely used as a cooling mechanism for amputation and anesthesia.

1845: Englishman Dr. James Arnott, also known as the father of modern cryosurgery, observed the local cold application on numerous conditions — from headaches to tumors — and reported back the benefits. His solution mixed crushed salt with ice for temperatures of -18° to – 24° C and was used to freeze skin, breast, and cervical cancer tumors.

1851: Arnott launched a cold therapy apparatus at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 with the intent to apply to acne and neuralgia, but the device failed to get cold enough for his purpose.

1899: Campbell White was the first person to use liquid gas in medicine. His air, at a chilling -195° C, was used to treat a diverse number of skin ailments. Using a gas flask as a liquid air sprayer, it was the first handheld cryosurgery device available.

1907: William A. Pusey, a Chicago-based physician, preferred the use of carbon dioxide snow at a temperature of -78.5° C, to treat a number of maladies.

1950: Liquid nitrogen breaks onto the scene at a whopping -196° C and begins being used in clinical practice. Herman V. Allington was at the forefront of this practice, using cotton swabs dipped in liquid nitrogen to treat various skin diseases.

1978: Dr. Yamauchi coins the term “whole body cryotherapy” and freezes his patient’s skin for pain management of rheumatoid arthritis. After experiencing positive results, he and his partner began developing cryotherapy chambers.

1980s: Nordic and Eastern European countries adopt cryotherapy, with Polish scientists adapting Yamaguchi’s approach to decrease recovery time and increase athletic performance. In May 2000, the Olympic rehabilitation center opened in Spala, Poland, featuring cryotherapy machines for training and injury rehabilitation.

2014: Impact Cryotherapy launches their cryotherapy machine — the only one manufactured in the U.S. — and brings innovation to the recovery process.

2018: Impact Cryotherapy forms Cryoshift Cryotherapy to deliver their one-of-a-kind machine, along with other alternative therapies, with an all-new wellness franchise.

Now you could give a dated version of cryotherapy a try but hopping in an ice bath, however, we recommend experiencing cryo in a whole body cryotherapy machine at Cryoshift!