What is a Cryotherapy Session?

Simply put, a cryotherapy session is when a person experiences a 3-minute whole body cold therapy treatment in a cryotherapy machine.

Curious to know more? Here’s an idea of what to expect when having a cryo session for the very first time:

  • Before a session begins, the participant is handed cryo gear, which includes a robe, boots, thermal socks and gloves, to wear during the experience.
  • Once dressed in the cryo gear, the cryotherapy technician or wellness coordinator will adjust the cryotherapy machine so that it is customized to the participant’s height.
  • Before starting the session, the tech will pre-cool the machine. After the pre-cool concludes, the tech allows the participant to enter the cryotherapy unit. Once inside, the machine door is shut and the participant modestly disrobes.
  • Now things being to get interesting – the session starts with the tech hitting “start” button. The participant is quickly surrounded by cold, dry nitrogen vapor. Throughout the 3-minute experience, the tech is present, coaching the participant through the entire session.
  • There is a beeping sound every 31 seconds – this is a safety functionality that ensures that the tech is present during the entire experience. If the tech does not press the “okay” button, the machine shuts off.
  • At the conclusion of the three-minute session, the tech hands the participant their robe – they re-dress and begin to feel the benefits of the treatment almost instantly!

Cool, right? Ready to give it a go?

Book Your Cryotherapy Session at Cryoshift!

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